Some of the Things to Consider When Climbing a Mountain like Kilimanjaro

24 Jan

People who are into expeditions, hiking and trekking, know the fun that comes with it especially where you go to the right place. If you are new to hiking, it is always best to take a challenge and opt to go for a big mountain like Kilimanjaro in Africa. While climbing a mountain can be fun, there are two possible instances that you may realize in the process. One, you may realize that you are underequipped and unprepared. You would need to note that a packing list ought to come with mandatory equipment that you would need during your expedition. In a situation where you forget a few things, most tour and travel companies will guide you on how you can either buy or rent the remaining equipment. You would also note that hawkers around these places perfectly understands that some people forget somethings and hence take advantage and provide this equipment to them at a cost. Know more about hiking here!

Among the things, you would need to carry include at least a few pairs of underwear, at least two pairs of hiking trousers, insulated trekking pants, fleece jacket and an insulated winter jacket and top and bottom base layer. You would also need to carry both short and long sleeve shirts, a lightweight raingear, and a hard shell jacket. When it comes to the headgear, you would need some headlamp, neck, or buff gaiter, sunglasses, warm beanie or even a fleece headband and a sun hat. You would also need adjustable trekking poles, warm outer gloves, and at least a lightweight inner gloves. Get details, visit

You would also need to ensure that you have thick trekking socks, trekking sandals, and mid-weight hiking boots. A waterproof bag, a daypack, a bag organizer, and a rain cover may be yet other equipment you would need. You would also need to remember the sleeping accessories and at least ensure an insulated sleeping mat, a sleeping bag, and an inflated pillow if you love pillows. You would also need essential medications, insect repellant, blister plasters, sweat resistant sun cream, baby wipes, and water purification tablets and also ensure a large water bottle. You may have to carry a pee bottle where need be. A fully equipped camera may also be essential.  You would also not forget toiletries, trekking towel, and energy drink supplement where need be. Upon getting all you need right, you would then figure out the best time to climb the mountain in question, the cost, and the best trails. Read more about this service here!

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